Why is an ultrasound scan important during pregnancy?-Dr.Ankit Shah

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Every mother-to-be wants to have a completely safe pregnancy and delivery. So, she needs to consult the right doctor and take the necessary tests. One of the tests is an ultrasound scan, which is essential in determining the baby’s state.

What is an ultrasound scan, and what is its importance during pregnancy?

An ultrasound scan, also called a sonogram, creates an image of the inside of the body through high-frequency sound waves. Doctors use it for various purposes such as determining the state of an unborn, detecting any interior abnormalities, etc.

This scan comes out as highly essential during pregnancy due to the following reasons:

  • It determines whether or not the patient is pregnant.
  • It provides important information about the unborn and helps the doctors track its development.
  • It helps in detecting certain abnormalities such as problems with the placenta etc.
  • It helps in detecting multiple pregnancies.
  • It checks for any congenital anomalies and checks the amniotic fluid level as well.

The points mentioned above help the doctor trace the baby’s condition and take action according to its requirements. An ultrasound scan contributes to detecting any issues which might occur during pregnancy, which helps the doctor resolve them. This procedure leads to providing the mother with a healthy pregnancy. Although a USG comes out as integral to the process of pregnancy, women with uncomplicated pregnancies need not get this done always (always consult a doctor for advice).


Therefore you need to get an ultrasound scan to learn about your pregnancy properly. So, if you look forward to consulting a doctor for this purpose, contact Dr. Ankit Shah for the best guidance and help.