Preventive Health checkup

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Preventive Health checkup

What is Preventive Health checkup and why it is needed?

Most people refrain from taking regular health checkups which in future may result in serious medical conditions, or even death due to diseases that could have been prevented at the first place. Preventive health checkups play a vital role in avoiding medical conditions and maintaining health. The main purpose of preventive health checkup is to prevent disease at first place and mitigate the risk of occurrence of certain diseases and medical conditions. Thus, aids in maintaining a flawless health.

People in the age group of 35-65 years are affected by lifestyle diseases. Looking at the scenario, it is urged by international consensus that men, above 35 years of age, and women above 40 years of age, should go through preventive health checkup. In case of a history of a particular disease in the family, it is advisable to start screening tests 10 years early, or when the youngest member of the family develops a disease such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Preventive Healthcare checkup in Ghatkopar, Chembur, Kurla

The preventive measure includes physical exercise, nutritious diet, immunization against diseases and medical checkup. Combating a disease at its earliest stages is easy. As the disease progresses, it becomes difficult for the patient to combat the disease, with suitable treatment even. There are certain signs and symptoms that are not apparent and cause illness if not treated at the right time.

The signs and symptoms can be detected through preventive health checkups that include X-ray, blood test and routine screening. The results of preventive health checkups are accurate. Preventive health checkups are essential for individuals who are susceptible to various health conditions.

A regular health checkup helps in diagnosing and treating a condition, which, if left untreated, can turn into chronic conditions. The examinations and laboratory tests that are prescribed depends on a person’s age, sex, and lifestyle. These checkups not only build patient-doctor relationship but also allow the doctor to promote a healthy lifestyle by educating patient and counselling sessions.