Blood Test

Visits start at 7:30 AM in the morning for blood tests, X-rays, and ECGs. Early morning blood visits are available; please call for more details.


A blood test is a procedure of analysing blood sample extracted from veins using a hypodermic needle. Blood tests are done for multiple reasons. It can be done as a part of routine check-up also. Usually it does not require any special preparations. But in some special check-ups you may advised to keep fast for 8-12 hours before blood test is done.

Neptune Diagnostics is one of the best pathology lab for blood test. We provide in house pathology testing services for our clients. 

The laboratory provides home blood collection service for patients to give blood sample at Home or office for comfort of Patient. This can be done with prior intimation to the laboratory and is available in area in and around Ghatkopar region. An additional charges applies. Kindly contact reception at 8080807431 / 8080808431 to book the appointment.

We have tie up with Metropolis, SRL – Dr. Phadke and Lilac laboratories for the special tests.

blood test near Ghatkopar