CT Scan

CT Scan

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CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan

A CT Scan shows pictures of your body parts. During scanning if required a small amount of dye may be put into a vein in your arm. This dye leaves your body after a few days
If you have any allergies to medicines, foods or other things, tell the staff before the test.
If you are pregnant or think you might be, tell the staff before the test.
Arrive on time for your test. If you are having a scan of your abdomen (stomach) or pelvis, allow for an extra 2 hours to drink the liquid dye

To Prepare:

Do not eat or drink anything, including water, for 4 hours before the test. We may require intravenous medicines for certain case. You may take your medicines with sips of water.

During the Test

If you are having an abdominal (stomach) or pelvic scan, you need to drink 600-1000 ml liquid mixed with dye within a specified time as required by the examination. The staff will guide you for the same. You will wear center’s gown and lie on a table. An IV (intravenous) cannula is put in a vein in your arm. Dye is put into your IV, you may feel hot flushed for a few seconds. Lie still during the scan You may be asked to hold your breath at times. The table moves slightly between each scan.


After the Test

You may return to your normal diet and activity If you have undergone a pelvic scan, you may have some loose stool due to the liquid you drank. The results can be collated from the center or if you wish results can be sent to your doctor. Your doctor will share the results with you.


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When is a CT scan used?

A CT scan may be used:
to diagnose and monitor many different conditions such as tumours or infections to look for injuries after a serious accident to help plan treatment such as surgery or radiotherapy to diagnose abnormal anatomy to help guide doctors doing a biopsy

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