When Should Women Get Thyroid Tests?

When Should Women Get Thyroid Tests? | Neptune Diagnostics Center

At present, suffering from thyroid has risen a lot. Huge numbers of people are suffering from this disease where the thyroid gland stops extracting thyroid fluid. Thyroid problems may not be noticeable at their early stage. But, if it is untreated, it can lead to serious health issues. Untreated thyroid can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels and heart problems.

Probable Symptoms of Thyroid

As per experts, a thyroid patient can feel different types of symptoms depending on the severity of the level of the thyroid. Primarily there will be hardly any symptoms. You can feel fatigued, or sometimes weight can be a symptom of having a thyroid problem. But later, you will notice the symptoms like tiredness, dry skin, constipation, weight gain, puffy face, hoarse voice, etc.

The Necessity of Thyroid Test

  1. Women of all ages are more prone to have thyroid problems than men. It is suggested that whenever you feel tired without any reason or suffer from muscle weakness, etc, you need to consult with your healthcare provider.
  2. If you are already under treatment due to a thyroid problem, you need to ask your doctors how often you need to go for thyroid tests. TSH is the blood test that mainly detects the level of TSH, and it also shows whether you are having the problem of hypothyroidism or not.
  3. The normal or average reference range for TSH varied between 0.45 to 5.00 mIU/L. Most laboratories use this measurement to check the level of TSH. If the level of TSH lies between 5.00 and 9.99 mIU/L, individuals will not face any symptoms of thyroid problems. However, doctors will suggest another test known as T4 for persons with thyroid levels of 5.00 and 9.99 mIU/L.
  4. Once you are detected with hypothyroidism, doctors will recommend the treatment options like radiation therapy, thyroiditis, surgery, and medications. You can consult with the professionals of Neptune Diagnostics for the best treatment.

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