What is breast thermography & why consider it?

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What is breast thermography?

Breast thermography is a diagnostic procedure that uses an infrared-based camera to identify heat patterns and blood circulation in body tissues, including the breasts. It is also called thermal imaging, a non-invasive imaging technique that uses a special camera to detect changes in breast surface skin temperature. This advanced technology is based on the fact that cancer has increased blood flow, causing local increases in skin temperature.

How does it work?

You will stand or sit in front of a thermal camera in a temperature-controlled room during a thermography scan. The camera will take infrared images of your breasts, and areas of higher or lower temperature will appear as different colors.

Advantages of Breast Thermography:

  • Non-invasive and painless: The patient did not like mammograms, which involve breast compression. Thermography is a comfortable procedure with no radiation exposure.
  • May be suitable for dense breast tissue: Thermography provides additional information in such cases as compared to mammograms.
  • Potential for early detection: thermography may detect physiological changes associated with cancer development before they show up on mammograms.

Disadvantages of Breast Thermography:

  • Not a diagnostic tool: A thermogram alone cannot diagnose cancer. Any suspicious findings require future investigation through biopsies, which are invasive procedures.
  • High false-positive rate: Thermography can sometimes pick up on benign conditions that mimic cancer, leading to unnecessary biopsies and anxiety.
  • Not a replacement for mammograms: While thermography might offer additional insights, it’s not a substitute for regular mammograms, especially for women in high-risk categories.

Taking Charge of Your Breast Health:

Detecting breast cancer at an early stage is crucial for its successful management. Speak with your doctor about your risk factors and your best screening choices. Prioritize regular screening and self-examinations for optimal breast health, whether you choose mammography, thermography, or a combination of both.

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Is breast thermography a safe procedure?

Yes, thermography is a safe and painless procedure. There is no radiation involved, and it does not require any physical contact with the breasts.

How much does breast thermography cost?

Breast thermography is often not covered by insurance, so the cost can vary depending on the facility and diagnostic center.

What is the most important thing for breast health?

Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and the best screening options for you. Whether you choose mammograms, thermography, or a combination, prioritize regular screenings and self-examinations.