What is a CT scan? What are its purpose, procedure, and preparation steps?

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What is a CT scan?

A CT Scan is a type of medical imaging that enables physicians to take detailed pictures of specific body parts out of context.


Diagnosing Conditions:

It is capable of detecting and diagnosing diseases associated with cancer, heart, and blood vessels, infections, injuries, and bones and muscles.

Guiding Treatment Plans:

As a perfect representation of the internal architecture of the body, CT scans assist surgeons in planning surgeries, radiation therapies, and biopsies.

Monitoring Progress:

In the case of a patient who has cancer or other conditions requiring treatment, CT can assess how effective the treatment plan being implemented is for the body.

Evaluating Injuries:

In some cases, like in accidents, fractures, or any other form of accident, a CT scan is perhaps the only way through which doctors can get a full picture in a very short time to make necessary decisions.

CT scanning steps:

These are the preparatory steps that are taken before the CT scanning process can commence.

Medical History and Allergies:

Tell the doctor and the radiology department staff about any conditions you might have, especially if you are allergic to iodine or contrast media. You


If your CT scan requires special preparations based on the type of scan or the use of contrast dye, you may have to avoid eating for a few hours before.


When contrast dye is used, one may need to drink a lot of water before the scan and after consuming some because it helps wash out the dye from the body to minimize side effects.


If you have any existing health conditions or require medications for everyday use, then it is safe to continue taking them as you normally would.

Clothing and Accessories:

Avoid wearing anything metallic near the imaging equipment, and pay attention to dressing by not wearing strict and fitted clothing.

Pre-Scan Instructions:

Observe any other preparatory measures that your doctor or the Radiology Department may have advised on before the scan.

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