Mammography and Other Screening Tests for Breast Problems

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Mammogram or Mammography is the test that helps to detect whether a woman is suffering from breast cancer or not. This test diagnoses the early sign of cancer and helps doctors to suggest patients for early treatment.

Benefits of Mammogram

Once doctors suspect cancer in women, they will suggest a mammogram first. Women are unaware of the probable advantages of this breast screening, and they can look here.

  • This breast screening helps to detect early signs of breast cancer. Hence doctors can start treatment early, and this test has reduced the risk of dying from breast cancer.
  • Chemotherapy is one of the prime treatments for every cancer. But detecting breast cancer at the primary stage helps patients to stay away from chemotherapy.
  • Women will become more secure about their health after the mammogram.

Apart from those benefits, a mammogram can have some limitations. It has been revealed that this breast screening process cannot detect all types of breast cancer. After Mammographysometimes women also need to undergo other screening tests.

Breast Ultrasound

This advanced method captures images of the internal structure of the breast. It is used to detect breast lumps and other deformities. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique, and it is safe to use.

Breast MRI

MRI helps to detect minor breast injuries which cannot be detected via mammogram. Before having a breast MRI, it is necessary to inform doctors about current medications, surgeries, allergies, etc. No ionizing radiation is used while carrying on breast MRI; hence, it is safe.

Biopsy of Breast Nipple

If doctors find any abnormality in the breast via imaging test, they can ask patients for a biopsy.

Those above are some effective breast screening tests, and women need to consult experts of Neptune Diagnostics for the best mammography treatment in Mumbai.