Folliculometry – Test of Ovulation

Folliculometry - Test of Ovulation | Neptune Diagnostics Center

Every woman passes through Ovulation during their menstruation cycle. Sometimes women suffer from ovulation disorder, which is one of the prime reasons for infertility. Folliculometry is the ultrasound examination that is performed in the transvaginal path. This testing is preferably done during the natural cycle and the IVF cycle.

Folliculometry is one of the best processes for fertility treatment. This testing is performed during IVF treatment to check a woman’s physical condition. Women opt for IVF or In-Vitro-Fertilization, for scanning follicles is extremely important.

This scanning is helpful in determining the eggs developed during single ovulation. This scanning also checks the hormone level and doctors alter the medication depending on the hormone level.

Follicle testing- Who does require it?

Many times women don’t understand when they are ovulating in spite of using kits and need to undergo follicle tracking. Again, women who have experienced unfortunate miscarriages or those who were taking medications for their conception-related issues can opt for follicle treatment.

Is there any side effect?

Women often ask whether Folliculometry comes with any side effects or not. Well, as per research, no side effect has been revealed.

Probable advantages

Women may need to undergo follicle testing many times during their menstruation cycle. This testing will diagnose the follicles that have not been developed until the rupture. The scan also helps to detect the hairs which do not grow.

This testing process helps forecast the ovulation time; accordingly, couples can take steps for pregnancy. This testing assists women to have pregnancy. It also detects other complications like OHSS and others. If a woman is suffering from a luteal phase shortage, that can also be perceived. So, women can contact the experts of Neptune Diagnostics for reliable Folliculometry tests in Mumbai.